Kiss Kiss Fantastic


Upon a first listen, it’s easy to write Kiss Kiss Fantastic off as just another “chillwave” group, but after listening to, The Red / Blue Shift E.P., available for free on bandcamp (see link below), they bring a new dimension to the already dated sounding “genre”.   While it is scary to have to use so many quoted terms when describing a band, the correct terminology doesn’t exist yet due to how new Kiss Kiss Fantastic sounds. There is an 80s production element to their sound, but the songs sound like Phil Spector could have been involved in the writing process. They quality of the vocal melodies are one of Kiss Kiss Fantastic’s distinguishing factors. The band’s two vocalists sing almost folky melodies, which gives the songs a very comfortable quality. “Antisocial Butterflies” is mellow but also catchy. The song’s hook is memorable, but not like anything The Islander has ever heard before. “Violet” is a much bolder track, featuring harmonies and a more round production. The song is totally danceable but also relaxing, which is rare. Kiss Kiss Fantastic has something that The Islander can’t put his finger on. Whatever it is, it’s fantastic.
Violet – Kiss Kiss Fantastic
Antisocial Butterflies – Kiss Kiss Fantastic