Quite The Suitor – The Widowers


The Widowers, not to be confused with Widowers (whom I am also a fan of), are a group Baton Rouge, La. They kind of remind me of a hybrid of Los Campesinos and Mastadon. I’m totally aware of the fact that as far as descriptions go, it’s hard to get more peculiar than that, but I don’t really thing anything else would do them justice. They are simultaneously waggish and overtly masculine, which makes for an interesting listen. Their track “Quite the Suitor” has a strong riff that drives the song and a thumping vocal melody that accent each other in a very pleasant way. ¬†While good driving songs are a dime a dozen, and often just a justification for saying one likes a song that isn’t particularly good, it’s hard to come across one that you can also appreciate in most environments.

Quite the Suitor (Tascam Mix) – The Widowers