As summer comes to an end, one can’t help but reflect. The Islanders’ summer would have not been at all the same without Guards’s E.P. The ep is light, breezy, summery blah blah etc. but it had a distinguishing factor that made it special… legitimate songs. Most summer tunes are repetitive and float in one ear and out the other, which is nice but there is something about a collection of songs that are groovy and bouncy but also catchy and structured that makes it noteworthy. While almost every song is worth listening to, Resolution of One is the brightest and the one that really captures the everything that was summer ’10.

Resolution Of One – Guards



Sometimes harmonies can make or break a song, and in the case of Ghost Animal’s Change Your Mind, the harmonies just kind of work. It’s hard to explain why a song is good, but with this song all of the components compliment each other really well. The vocals are perfectly mixed right in front of the guitars, which are layered in a manner that fills out the song. Technicalities aside, it’s a fun song that is ideal for a fall mixtape.

Change Your Mind – Ghost Animal