Tears – FutureDays


Cleveland four-piece FutureDays consists of Jonah, Gregory, Antoine and Gabe. Their music features intertwining guitar parts that are melodically very reminiscent of The Byrds, but much colder. This feature is highlighted in their song, “Tears,” perfectly. The tune’s abrupt start gives what would otherwise be a very relaxed riff an almost hectic vibe that carries through until the vocals start thirty seconds in. The vocals sound like a combination of The Byrds’ Vocalist, Roger McGuinn, but at times has an almost Kurt Vile air of hesitation. While not astonishingly original, the song is pretty and features well balanced and shelved production which seems to be becoming less and less common in guitar driven music.

Tears – FutureDays



Is it possible for a song to make you feel cool while you’re listening to it? If any song can do that, Islanders would put their money on just about anything by the Cloud Nothings. Everything they have released just sounds… well cool. Dylan Baldi has somehow acquired a superpower that enables him to write great song after great song, and so far the epitome of this has been Real Thing . The first time one gives it a listen, it sounds discombobulated and busy, but after a few listens it all ties together and starts to make sense. It’s a real cool thing.

Real Thing – Cloud Nothings