Tomorrow – Being There


At this point, pop punk is old enough that nostalgic feelings have manifested in many 90’s children who are currently making music. Being There combines Blink 182 style guitar hooks and instrumentation with twee poppy vocals in a manner that despite being unforeseen, meshes seamlessly. I don’t know much about this British group beyond the fact that their Bandcamp features two of the most fitting early summer tunes I’ve encountered this month. “Tomorrow” is the kind of song that is most appropriately described as being the kind of song that one can’t help but tap his or her foot along with. Interestingly, the guitar tone screams Yuck, and while not being original, it’s more appetizing and pleasant in this setting. Being There has a lot of potential, especially with the ever growing 90’s revival scene.

Tomorrow – Being There

Night Runner – Honeydrum


Night Runner is one of the strangest song I’ve ever encountered but it still remains many elements of a traditional pop song.The Tom Waits style vocals over instrumentation that is reminiscent of everything about Ariel Pink that an extension of the work of R. Stevie Moore makes for a chilling ambiance. The guitar feels like it’s out of an early 90’s infomercial and the synth-bass line that’s introduced with the first chorus is cinematic at the least. The song feels short, but appropriately so.

Night Runner- Honeydrum

Stuck in Sand (at Pehrspace)

Facebook Event

We’re very excited to let you all know that on December 7th, Stuck On An Island is putting on a benefit for Hurricane Sandy. Moses Campbell, Wide Streets, Dream Boys, and Steppe People will be playing. Kyle Mabson will be DJing. It’ll be at pehrspace (325 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90026), starting at 9:00 pm. It will be a lot of fun. See you all there!