Virtual Boy Interview. 3/10/2011



Last month, we had the opportunity to interview Henry Allen and Preston Walker of the electronic outfit Virtual Boy before a show. While their music is outside of our usual demographic, their stylistic hybrid of classical melody and harmony in a chiptune bass heavy setting has found itself occupying a large spot in each of our respective libraries the past few months. We talked about everything from Coldplay to Back To The Future, and learned how a homework assignment turned into a touring band.

(Preston’s favorite Virtual Boy song)
Thrust – Virtual Boy
(Henry’s favorite Virtual Boy song)
Mass – Virtual Boy

Virtual Boy interview with Preston Walker and Henry Allen.
Virtual Boy Audio Interview

Preston Walker: I’m Preston, and I’m from Virtual Boy.
Henry Allen: I’m Henry. I’m the other half.
Islander: How long has Virtual Boy been in existence?
Preston: We started this project about a couple years ago. We actually took a music technology class at the university we go to; Chapman University. We actually started it in class; we started writing songs together because our homework assignment was to do a song a week using electronic instruments and programs and stuff like Ableton and Logic. We ended up pairing up and by the end of the semester we had a unique sound. Our professor has a lot of connections with the industry, his name is Nalepa. He’s signed to 1320 Records and he really liked our sound so he sent our stuff to a bunch of labels and we ended up getting signed to 1320. The next we knew we were touring and playing shows. Continue reading