Archipelago: Part 1


We’ve been really busy lately, and unfortunately haven’t had time to write. While we will be writing in the near future, we feel kind of bad about the lack of recent posts. As a result of this, we introduce Archipelago, which is essentially just a bunch of songs that we really enjoy, but for some reason or another haven’t gotten to write a full post about. Enjoy.


Suicide Machine – Elliott Smith

Life Is White (Demo) – Big Star

Pwnd – The Mae Shi

The End Of The Rainbow – Richard & Linda Thompson

Pjotr – Ter Haar

Big Dipper – Built To Spill

Turismo De Interior – Sibyl Vane

Mallory – The History Of Apple Pie

P.O. Box – The Replacements

Wallflower – Moses Campbell

The Suns Loneliest Day – Makeout Videotape

Long Distance Man – Guided By Voices