Alta – Dead Western Plains


Tucson, Arizona, was home to Jacob Cooper (Wavves, Mae Shi, Signals, Bark Bark Bark), and when I saw that he did a remix of a track by a group from his home-town, I was intrigued. I am formulating my entire opinion of Dead Western Plains based exclusively on the formerly mentioned track, and while this makes me a bit uncomfortable, it is all I have to go off of. This song is called “Alta” and the physical 7in. is being released as some undisclosed date before the end of the year.  This track sounds like if Animal Collective (circa Feels) wrote a song, recorded instrumentals, and then gave it to The Polyphonic Spree to record the vocals.  The combination of almost disorienting electronic sounding samples with extremely poppy vocals yields a familiar but still original sounding song. “Alta” is all over the place, but in a good way. The song goes from a whistle heavy intro to an outro that wouldn’t be out of place on a Steve Vai song, and covers everything in between. While this song is so unfocused that it is kind of overwhelming, it makes for one of the most interesting tunes I’ve heard in a while.

Alta – Dead Western Plains

Sleepover – Facepaint


Recently, it seems like a lot of groups have been coming out of Virginia. While I am having trouble figuring out if it is a scene in a traditional sense or if a bunch of talented people happen to currently be in Virginia, it is sort of irrelevant. One of the standout bands is Facepaint, who are from Blacksburg. Their most recent, if not their first, release is  straightforwardly titled Facepaint E.P., which is charmingly unassuming. The E.P. is really enjoyable in its entirety, and it’s free which is a plus. Their sound is rather hard to describe, but it is somewhere between Rare Grooves, Television and The Replacements in a surprisingly gentle way. “Sleepover” starts out with a riff that wouldn’t be out of place in a Ventures song. This riff is the foundation of the tune, and all of the other parts either compliment or stem off of it. The vocals, which remind me a lot of Tom Verlaine, make the song really interesting. As I said earlier, it’s difficult to articulate what exactly is special about Facepaint, but maybe that makes them all the more enticing.

Sleepover – Facepaint

Archipelago: Part 1


We’ve been really busy lately, and unfortunately haven’t had time to write. While we will be writing in the near future, we feel kind of bad about the lack of recent posts. As a result of this, we introduce Archipelago, which is essentially just a bunch of songs that we really enjoy, but for some reason or another haven’t gotten to write a full post about. Enjoy.


Suicide Machine – Elliott Smith

Life Is White (Demo) – Big Star

Pwnd – The Mae Shi

The End Of The Rainbow – Richard & Linda Thompson

Pjotr – Ter Haar

Big Dipper – Built To Spill

Turismo De Interior – Sibyl Vane

Mallory – The History Of Apple Pie

P.O. Box – The Replacements

Wallflower – Moses Campbell

The Suns Loneliest Day – Makeout Videotape

Long Distance Man – Guided By Voices