Pop Shop – Mondrian


There is something very alluring when a group of musicians insist on being called a “Pop Band”. While at this point the term “Pop” is almost ambiguous to the point where can mean anything, Mondrian claim to be the “only Parisian POP band”. Saying that this is bold would be an understatement, and it was be a shame if they weren’t able to back it up. Fortunately, Mondrain are actually quite awesome. Pop is a really fitting term for their sound because while they seem to have many influences, all of the groups that they resemble were palatable to the masses. They sound like a cross between The Byrds and Hot Chip. Their newest single, “Pop Shop” is extremely simple, but the simplicity enables it to become a sort of pop bliss. The track begins with simple drums, and then a delightful, full sounding electronic organ comes in. A few other synths enter, but the most charming part of the song is the vocals. They are light sounding, but also unpolished in a wholehearted way. During the chorus there are harmonies that remind me a lot of The Byrds. While I doubt that Mondrain are the only parisian pop band, they certainly appear to be one of the best.