Quite The Suitor – The Widowers


The Widowers, not to be confused with Widowers (whom I am also a fan of), are a group Baton Rouge, La. They kind of remind me of a hybrid of Los Campesinos and Mastadon. I’m totally aware of the fact that as far as descriptions go, it’s hard to get more peculiar than that, but I don’t really thing anything else would do them justice. They are simultaneously waggish and overtly masculine, which makes for an interesting listen. Their track “Quite the Suitor” has a strong riff that drives the song and a thumping vocal melody that accent each other in a very pleasant way. ¬†While good driving songs are a dime a dozen, and often just a justification for saying one likes a song that isn’t particularly good, it’s hard to come across one that you can also appreciate in most environments.

Quite the Suitor (Tascam Mix) – The Widowers

Hello Self – TRMRS


Not comparing TRMRS to the Black Lips would just be weird, so I am getting that out of the way early. They are both rowdy bands who play music that is sort of punk but also sort of powerpoppy. Where this comparison ends is what makes TRMRS worth listening to. Their sound isn’t anything new and in terms of creativity there isn’t much going on, but TRMRS utilizes the fact that the group has two guitarists in a really interesting way. Their song, “Hello Self”, perfectly exemplifies this. As opposed there being a lead part and a rhythm part, the guitar parts intertwine in a captivating dialogue that forms the backbone of the song. TRMRS one of the most fun groups I’ve listened to in a while, and I appreciate how straightforward and simple their sound is.

UPDATE: The Hello Self music video is out now. Check it out!


Hello Self – TRMRS

On The Brink – Physical Forms


Physical Forms is not what one would expect from a group comprised of Busdriver and ex-members of The Mae Shi, Upsilon Acrux and Division Day. While I’m kind of disappointed that they aren’t a noise-rock take on Nu-Metal, what they are is still satisfying. Most groups containing members that were at one point a part of The Mae Shi have managed to be different enough from The Mae Shi so that they don’t just sound like an attempt to recreate the group, but retain the group’s integrity. Everything from Ezra Buchla to Signals have been amazing, and Physical Forms don’t fall short. Their first single, “On The Brink” starts out with a synth part that immediately reminded The Islander of “Pwnd” by The Mae Shi. The drums come in which brings the song’s energy level to something one would expect of a project that includes Jeff Byron. Busdriver’s vocals are the song’s distinguishing factor. They manage to be almost bluesy while still having a theatrical quality to them. Overall, “On The Brink” is an exciting song from a band that is bound to start causing a lot of excitement very soon.

On The Brink – Physical Forms