New Years Evil / The Black Tambourines Split 7″


Art Is Hard Records is a record label out of Plymouth, UK. Their first release was an compilation album called Brink of the Clouds featuring nine groups from the southwest of England. We recommend this album for many reasons, not the least of which being that it is consistently interesting all the way through, but primarily because the way one purchases the album is through buying a T-shirt and receiving a download code. I personally find this idea really funny, and there is something very inspired about the concept which is something that most labels today seem to be lacking. The label’s second release is the New Years Evil / The Black Tambourines Split 7″, which comes out on vinyl November 29th. The physical copy of the E.P. comes with the record, an original¬†print of a photo by one of the label’s favorite local (to the south of England) artists, a five track digital E.P., and a limited edition zine. The actual 7″ contains two songs, and they are both extremely enjoyable. The first track is “Shame”, by New Years Evil, which reminds the Islander a lot of Mineral. The song features invigorating sincerity, which today is so rare. The track is titled “Tommy” and it’s by The Black Tambourines. It’s a very noisy garage-poppy tune, which despite being pleasantly hard on the ears is actually quite breezy and easy to listen to. This 7″ seems like it will totally be worth picking up, and could quite possibly be very valuable some day.

Shame – New Years Evil
Tommy – The Black Tambourines