Let’s Get Away – Po Po


The first time The Islander experienced Po Po was at a Signals show a couple of months ago at The Smell. They were the third act on a four act bill (the first two being The Allah Las and The Numerators) of what was one of the best shows I have ever been to. Back then, all seven months ago, Po Po was a sort of noisy punk duo. Their set was was beyond energetic. It was also extremely funny because Jacob Cooper (Ex: Mae Shi, Signals, Bark Bark Bark, and currently Wavves) played drums and added a short drum solo after every song. Their newest track, “Let’s Get Away” could not sounds more different than what was played that night, but it features the same energy and sense of cool. Unlike previous Po Po songs, “Let’s Get Away” is primarily synthesizers and has a fairly high production value. At first it was strange hearing them sound like this, but the group’s new sound is great and easy to get used to. The instrument that opens the song is one of the best sounding synths produced in a while, and the atmospheric backing noise perfectly accents the vocals by giving the song a very spacey vibe. One of the best and most interesting parts of the song is the odd flute instrument that repeats every so often throughout the majority of song because it gives the song an almost religious feeling. After the song ends, you may, and probably will, feel the need to play it on repeat. Over all,Po Po managed to produce one of the best songs of Fall 2010.

Let’s Get Away – P® P©