White Arrows


Listening to White Arrows is like listening to glorious mishmash that incorporates hints of everything from Glam to Hardcore. Their E.P., White Arrows (Free on Bandcamp, Link Below), features very energetic tracks, but also has a few calming notes. The standout track is, “8050 (Too Fast, Too Slow),” which just sort of rules. The song’s intro has a remarkable resemblance to Chromeo’s, “Mama’s Boy,” but it become clear that the two songs have very little in common. They vocals sound very influenced by Marc Bolan, and the lead vocal melody sounds very Glam-rocky.  The background vocals on the other hand sound a lot like The Blood Brothers, and this juxtaposition is really interesting. The two vocal parts are layered over a very cohesive synth, guitar, drum and bass instrumental track, and as a whole, the song manages to sustain interest. White Arrows made decisions akin to The Morning Benders, and covered a Fleetwood Mac song. White Arrows’s Cover of “Save Me a Place,” really differs from anything on their self titled  E.P. It is very calming and floats along, and while the song is extremely different, the group is stylistically consistent.

8050 (Too Fast, Too Slow) – White Arrows
Save Me A Place (Fleetwood Mac Cover) – White Arrows