The Rare Grooves (family band) emerged out of the ashes of the recently broken up Widow Babies. Former Widow Babies, Tabor (Drums and Vocals) and Danny (Guitar and Vocals), were joined by Chris (Bass) and are performing nonstop.  The Islander was introduced to the band when The Islander saw them perform at the Smell along with Signals and Heller Keller. While hanging in the ally before the show, the Islander spoke to many of The Islander’s friends, and many of them expressed that they were each respectively entangled in a love affair with this band. Obviously anticipation built up, and when it was time for the Rare Grooves set, ass was kicked. Their show was, a bundle of fun. Danny’s exclusive use of finger picking and Chris’s flowing basslines give the band a very distant “islandy” sound, and Tabor’s simple yet sturdy beats gives the band a refreshingly un-muddled sound. No Garden starts out with a twangy guitar motif and builds from there. In conclusion, The Islander is stoked on Rare Grooves. 

No Garden – Rare Grooves

FYF Wavves and Best Coast Interviews. 9/4/2010


Los Angeles’s FYF (FUCK YEAH FEST), was fantastic this year. The Islander got the opportunity to Interview both Wavves and Best Coast (first joint interview ever), along with many other artists. So here it is, the only interview Nathan Williams agreed to do at FYF..

(Billy Hayes’s favorite Wavves song)
Super Soaker – Wavves
(The Islander’s favorite Best Coast song)
Feeling Of Love – Best Coast

Wavves and Best Coast Interview with Nathan Williams (Vocalist and Guitarist of Wavves) and Bethany Cosentino (Vocalist and Guitarist of Best Coast).
Wavves and Best Coast Audio Interview

Islander: First of all, what was your perception of the way that the show went today?
Nathan Williams: It was fun, I had a lot of fun, yeah. There was a dust storm –
Islander: There was.
Nathan: – and the instruments didn’t work but, uh, it was fun, I had a good time.
Islander: How was the production on this album different and how did you feel about sort of going to a legitimate studio, as opposed to Garageband?
Nathan: It was really… it was a lot different, obviously, cause you’re in a studio.
Islander: Right.
Nathan: Uhh… yeah I don’t know, the biggest difference is probably that there is an engineer and the production manager there, and uh, it took a lot longer to do.
Islander: Which did you like better?
Nathan: I don’t think I liked either better, they were both really fun.
Islander: What have your favorite moments been of today that wasn’t your set?
Nathan: My favorite moments of today?
Islander: Yeah.
Nathan: Uh… It was fun watching Best Coast play.
Islander: Best Coast: How do you think your set went?
Bethany Cosentino: It was fun. It was very fun. A kid punched a security guard in the face while we were playing. He got arrested!
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Something Upbeat


“Black In The Sun Room” is a solid example of a song relying on a pulse to propel itself forward. This pulse is the lifeline of the song, and everything else adds to the character. The first stand-out feature of the song is the horn part, which is almost ingenuous in it’s simplicity. During the verse, the vocals are the only part with a melody, and all of the other parts either texture the song or work on sustaining the pulse. Everything changes during the chorus, and an almost dancey post-punky vibe surfaces. Zoos of Berlin is a Detroit band  that seems to have a lot going for them. abrupt end to blog post.

Black In The Sun Room – Zoos Of Berlin



“California” is a prefect blend of simple instrumentation and simple vocal melodies. The song’s strongest quality is that there isn’t that much going on. Toothsome vocals on top of a piano that sounds straight out of some parlor in the mid nineteenth century gives the song a vibe that is immediately strange, yet simultaneously enticing. The Islander knows nothing about Deek Hoi, except for the fact that their name is clever and they are from Knoxville, but we are excited to see what the future holds for them.

California – Deek Hoi