L.A. Pride


Everything about Moses Campbell is quite good. Their shows are beyond fun, and their album, Who are You? Who is Anyone? (coming out on vinyl 9/3/10), is extremely enjoyable from the first song to the last. First and foremost, The Islander has to say if one ever has the chance to see them, it is completely worthwhile. The energy they project is almost unreal, and they sound equally great, if not better live. Who are You? Who is Anyone? is an extremely original album, with familiar songs. Every song on the album is catchy, easy to listen to, but also interesting. Singer, Sean Solomon’s voice perfectly accents the calm yet energetic instrumental tracks. The Islander has learned from various conversations with different members of the band, that their influences range from Nirvana to Television to Weezer. “Overhead” is a awesome song that displays a lot of what the band does, plus during the intro, guitarist Miles Winter plays a saw with a bow. When at one point in time, each and every song on an album has been your particular favorite, then you know it’s a great album, and The Islander has absolutely felt this way about Moses Campbell’s first release.

Overhead – Moses Campbell