The Rare Grooves (family band) emerged out of the ashes of the recently broken up Widow Babies. Former Widow Babies, Tabor (Drums and Vocals) and Danny (Guitar and Vocals), were joined by Chris (Bass) and are performing nonstop.  The Islander was introduced to the band when The Islander saw them perform at the Smell along with Signals and Heller Keller. While hanging in the ally before the show, the Islander spoke to many of The Islander’s friends, and many of them expressed that they were each respectively entangled in a love affair with this band. Obviously anticipation built up, and when it was time for the Rare Grooves set, ass was kicked. Their show was, a bundle of fun. Danny’s exclusive use of finger picking and Chris’s flowing basslines give the band a very distant “islandy” sound, and Tabor’s simple yet sturdy beats gives the band a refreshingly un-muddled sound. No Garden starts out with a twangy guitar motif and builds from there. In conclusion, The Islander is stoked on Rare Grooves. 

No Garden – Rare Grooves