FYF Wavves and Best Coast Interviews. 9/4/2010


Los Angeles’s FYF (FUCK YEAH FEST), was fantastic this year. The Islander got the opportunity to Interview both Wavves and Best Coast (first joint interview ever), along with many other artists. So here it is, the only interview Nathan Williams agreed to do at FYF..

(Billy Hayes’s favorite Wavves song)
Super Soaker – Wavves
(The Islander’s favorite Best Coast song)
Feeling Of Love – Best Coast

Wavves and Best Coast Interview with Nathan Williams (Vocalist and Guitarist of Wavves) and Bethany Cosentino (Vocalist and Guitarist of Best Coast).
Wavves and Best Coast Audio Interview

Islander: First of all, what was your perception of the way that the show went today?
Nathan Williams: It was fun, I had a lot of fun, yeah. There was a dust storm –
Islander: There was.
Nathan: – and the instruments didn’t work but, uh, it was fun, I had a good time.
Islander: How was the production on this album different and how did you feel about sort of going to a legitimate studio, as opposed to Garageband?
Nathan: It was really… it was a lot different, obviously, cause you’re in a studio.
Islander: Right.
Nathan: Uhh… yeah I don’t know, the biggest difference is probably that there is an engineer and the production manager there, and uh, it took a lot longer to do.
Islander: Which did you like better?
Nathan: I don’t think I liked either better, they were both really fun.
Islander: What have your favorite moments been of today that wasn’t your set?
Nathan: My favorite moments of today?
Islander: Yeah.
Nathan: Uh… It was fun watching Best Coast play.
Islander: Best Coast: How do you think your set went?
Bethany Cosentino: It was fun. It was very fun. A kid punched a security guard in the face while we were playing. He got arrested!

Jacob Cooper (Ex-drummer of The Mae Shi): He punched him right in the – He run across – he run around a tree like I was fucking watching a cartoon.
Bethany: Yeah. And the, like, press pit was like, people were like elbowing each other in the face, and they kicked them out too, makes it way more fun.
Islander: Favorite albums of 2010?
Bethany: Beach House, Teen Dream. Wavves, King Of The Bitch. Uhh, Drake, Thank Me Later
Jacob: Yeah, fuck yeah.
Nathan: Curren$y, Pilot Talk. That’s it.
Jacob: Nine Inch, no, the new Nine Inch Nail album. Whatever it’s called with his girlfriend. He’s got like a new band with his girlfriend.
Nathan: What’s that called?
Jacob: It’s called like, Rape You Now (Actually called How to Destroy Angels).
Nathan: Yeah yeah yeah, that too. Rape You Now.
Bethany: Right.
Islander: So I guess, fun question. Alien or Predator?
Nathan: Alien. Well, I mean, Predator. Because-
Bethany: They look cooler.
Nathan: Predator definitely. If you actually, like who would win or what do you choose?
Islander: Who would win?
Nathan: Predator, predator wins.
Bethany: Predator.
Islander: Did you see Inception?
Nathan: I didn’t see Inception yet.
Bethany: We did see Piranha 3d.
Jacob: I wanna see Piranha 3d.
Nathan and Bethany: Piranha 3d was –
Nathan: Great.
Bethany: Awesome.
Islander: How do you guys feel about 3d?
Bethany: I actually don’t really like-
Nathan: 3d sucks.
Bethany: I’m not that into 3d. I go to 3d movies but I feel like, it’s kind of like, the glasses are annoying to wear. You kind of like, get so used to it at a point that it like doesn’t look 3d anymore.
Islander: Right. What were your impressions of the festival today?
Bethany: It was hot.
Nathan: It was hot.
Bethany: It was cool.
Nathan: It was cool.
Bethany: It was hot and cold, like the Katy Perry song.
Nathan: It was neither of those, like a Katy Perry song. Hot and cool. Seperately.
Islander: Warm and cool. And dusty.
Nathan: It was dusty.
Bethany: Super dusty.
Islander: Can we expect a Best Coast and Wavves collaboration anytime soon, or is that….
Nathan: No.
Bethany: (laughs).
Nathan: I don’t know, who knows.
Bethany: Who knows.
Islander: What are you guys looking foreword to by December.
Jacob: Yo alien dicks or alien vaginas?
Nathan and Bethany: Dicks.
Nathan: Protruding alien parts always take.
Jacob: Answer of the, answer of the fucking night.
Bethany: What am I looking forward to in December?
Islander: No, by December. Reguarding anything, actually.
Bethany: Halloween, because I’m gonna be Snookie.
Islander: That’s a really good call.
Nathan: I’m gonna kill myself.
Islander: You’ll get mad press.
Nathan: I’ll get mad press, thanks. I’ll kill myself on Christmas this year. That’s what I’m looking forward to cause this is a joke.
Bethany: Yeah.
Nathan: I mean, my life. Not this (Interview).
Bethany: (laughs).
Islander: Have you guys seen anyone today that have floated your boats?
Nathan and Bethany: I saw Rachel Bilson.
Jacob: I saw her too.
Bethany: I saw Ryan Gosling.
Jacob: Yo, Gosling was hanging out in a fucking trailer.
Bethany: I saw Janeane Garofalo.
Jacob: She’s really short.
Bethany: She’s really tiny.
Nathan: Wait, what does Ryan Gosling do?
Bethany: His band is called Dead Man’s Bones.
Nathan: He’s playing drums?
Bethany: No, he sings and plays guitar?
Jacob: It’s this ______ band playing over here. Yo put that on… blogger.

Other Wavves Interview with Billy Hayes (Drummer) and Stephen Pope (Bassist).

Islander: How does playing with Wavves compare to playing with Jay Reatard.
Billy Hayes: It’s a lot more fun. I like the songs a lot more too. I don’t know. Every Jay Reatard song had the exact same drum beat, this band’s a little different. And I sing which is-
Stephen Pope: Nathan’s a lot smaller, I’m not as scared of him.
Islander: Where did you acquire your Flying V bass?
Stephen: Ebay. For like 200 bucks, its really shitty actually.
Islander: It did the trick and looks cool. What are your favorite songs to play with Wavves?
Stephen: Uhh, Black Dog’s really good.
Billy: Super Soaker’s good. That’s my favorite one to play.
Stephen: Take On The World. Uhh My Generation.
Islander: Did you see any other bands today?
Billy: I saw some of Ariel Pink.
Stephen: Saw some of another band.
Islander: How was the other band? Were they good?
Stephen: No. I saw Ryan Gosling from The Notebook rockin out over there.
Billy: I saw Janeane Garofalo. She was really nice. She came into the trailer and needed to borrow hand sanitizer. We had a little conversation about it.
Stephen: Oh yeah?
Billy: Yeah.
Stephen: Shit.
Islander: What song on the new album is your favorite?
Billy: I really like the song Super Soaker on the record.
Stephen: Super Soaker and on the older records, I like all of Nathan’s songs.
Islander: What was the recording experience like?
Stephen: Long.
Billy: It was really cold and it was in Mississippi. We recorded at a place called Sweet Tea for three months,
Stephen: At a big professional studio.
Billy: Studios suck. They’re a big waste of money usually. This was a particularly good studio though and he was a really good producer. I’d say for a young band, don’t waste your money going into a studio.
Stephen: And then make somebody give you money and then go to the studio. Don’t ever spend your own money on anything.
Islander: What is the best thing that you haven’t had to spend your own money on?
Stephen: I’ve gotten lots of shoes. Lots of jeans.
Billy: Sunglasses.
Stephen: Just crap. I got these (pants) for like two bucks at a thrift store. This shoes were – no I got these shoes at Finish Line.
Billy: Yeah, I bought these (bape shoes) at a thrift store.
Islander: We need to speak about your bapes for a few seconds.
Billy: Oh yeah, I bought them at a thrift store cause I could not afford these probably new. They’re probably really expensive.
Stephen: Fuck that.
Islander: Those are rad. What are your favorite bands to listen to right now?
Stephen: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti are really good.
Billy: Smith Westerns are really good.
Islander: What was the biggest festival that you guys have played so far?
Billy: We did Lollapalooza a couple months ago.
Stephen: Yeah that was probably the biggest one.
Islander: What was that experience like?
Billy: Pretty cool, we played early. We saw Lady Gaga, The Strokes.
Stephen: It was kinda weird.