Gamble House reminds The Islander a lot of Department Of Eagles. They both have punchy interludes and pretty vocals. Where Gamble House strays away from this comparison is that their sound is much bigger. Everything about their sound is large, making use of the entire frequency range and radical dynamic fluctuation. The band uses reverb perfectly, and it accents their sound by adding sustain to some of the choppier guitar parts and blends the vocals into the instrumentation. Bonny Doon starts with a beautiful guitar and vocal into, and twenty seconds in, the song slowly emerges. By the end, one can’t help but hit repeat.

Bonny Doon – Gamble House



Sometimes music is just a good time, and that’s exactly what the Portland’s Clorox Girls seem to be. The header of their myspace reads “Ack Ack Ack Ack”, and something about the energy that displays is strangely fitting. Their sound is comfortably familiar to almost anyone. Vocals like Jay Reatard and Strokesy guitars lend themselves towards making Flowers of Evil a fun tune.

Flowers of Evil – Clorox Girls

A Girl


Elizibeth Powell has an solid voice, but more importantly she might be one of the best female guitarists around right now. Her group, Land of Talk has released two well regarded albums and a handful of E.P.s. Land of Talk is like if Sleater-Kinney was less punk and had a simpler sense of melody. This kind of sounds boring, but they develop a sense of atmosphere that makes it so that a five plus minute song like Yuppy Flu is not only listenable but enjoyable.

Yuppy Flu – Land of Talk

School and Stuff


September is a good time to find calming, relaxing music to do homework to. While Radio Ballet is not a typical Eluvium song, it fits this profile perfectly. There is something nice about the fact that is it just piano, which makes it so it can still be pretty and interesting but not distracting in the slightest.

Radio Ballet – Eluvium